Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Raining.....In My Bathroom

Well, there always seems to be something going wrong or at least not going right. We picked up the new pipe and pieces we need for the vent pipe. However, whoever put the boot on the pipe on the roof bought the wrong kind. We have a metal roof and they bought one for an asphalt shingle roof. Early winter/late fall we had some leaking issues because of that.

So Matt went up on the roof and into the crawl space to seal it. It worked great.

Until today.

It is 50 degrees and raining and foggy today. Great for melting the snow. Not great for the patch job. Looks like as soon as we can, the boot on the roof will need to be replaced as well. But it is much better to replace the whole thing than to keep patching patches. Thankfully it is a fairly slow leak so we (meaning Matt) only have to go up into the crawl space once a day to empty out the drip bucket.

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