Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Small Steps

Well, the snow has finally melted. But now it is raining. Maybe eventually we will get to rake the yard and start on all that yard work.

So between the snow and rain and the fact we seem to be busy every weekend, we haven't gotten much done. The one thing we have done is replace the floor heating grate in the kitchen.

Someone put a wall grate in the floor. And since the size used is not one that they make in floor grates, we had to get creative.

Here is the old grate and why we needed to replace it. And yes, someone stepped on it. That is why it looks like that.

Here is the new one.

Because it is smaller, we had to put a piece on wood behind it so it would fit. I may eventually paint it. I may not. For now, I'm just glad there is a working, safe to walk on and near, floor grate.

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