Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pictures Finally

The pictures I promised have arrived!! I finally have time. Those of you that read my personal blog, know that I lost my job on Friday. As the jobs I am trying to get do not start until fall, I have the time now to get stuff done.

Without further ado, here are the after pictures (because yet once again I forgot the before pictures).

My guest room also has to act as an office, craft storage, and book storage. So to keep the look a little better, I replaced the plastic drawers that were next to the desk with a basket and 2 boxes from the stationary section of Wal-Mart.

We also needed a place for books. The black bookcase next to the desk is getting sold. I have too many books for it and it is just a standard issue Wal-Mart one. My husband's grandmother's house got sold and had to be cleaned out. There were two bookcases that were almost the same size. So my husband cut the bottom off of one, put it on top of the other, and screwed them together. The bottom one has a piece of thin plywood attached to the back to make it more stable. I then painted the whole thing white. Works pretty good for now.

This room will eventually be the nursery and will look nothing like this. The carpet is gross and the wallpaper is out of date and peeling. The guest bedroom will eventually be downstairs and will be white and lilac. The nursery will be pale yellow and pale green (baby John Deere if you will, and if you know my husband, it makes sense).

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