Friday, July 23, 2010

Creative Juices Are Flowing

This week I have learned quite a bit about projects for my home. I have quite the list now.

First, I saw on a show on HGTV (sorry, don't remember which one) how to turn a tall dresser into an entertainment center. Very excited about that one as currently we have those assemble yourself plastic shelves for our TV and DVDs. I can do this cheaply too if I find an old online.

Then I read how you can take an old, outdated ceiling fan and update it with spray paint. That will be happening probably next week.

The next couple weren't really online. But I'm refinishing my nightstand to make it more my taste. It was just an orange-y color and I'm staining it dark brown. Then, our hallway is old, dark, fake wood paneling. I am planning on painting that white sometime in the near future.

Apparently, losing my job has been very good for me. I'm happier, I'm getting more done, my house is changing. The lack of income makes projects a little harder but not impossible. Just means I get to be more creative.

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