Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inspiration: Gift Wrap Organization/Center

Like most people, my gift wrap is just out of control. I had a plastic container to hold the tissue paper and small gift bags. My paper rolls and larger bags were just sitting in a milk crate. The main problem with that being that every time I moved the crate, all the paper rolls fell through the bottom. Talk about a pain. So when I saw this, I just new I had to try it. Here's a peek.

So I went into Wal-Mart today in the hopes of finding what I needed. I was unable to find any wire baskets that would work for what I needed. So after much wondering around I ended up in the bath aisle of the hardware department. I found plastic shower caddies that suction cup to the shower wall. I took out the suction cups and used Hercules Hooks to attach them to the wall. Here is my before and after.

Here is what it looks like after.

Here's a close up of the basket.

I used two cup hooks and some ribbon to help hold the wrapping paper up.

So there you have it. Basic idea. I definitely like the wire baskets better but it works with the plastic caddies as well. I do still have the issue of what I do with the larger gift bags. If you have an idea for how to handle it, I'd love to hear from you. Go ahead and leave a comment!

Thank you John and Sherry over at Young House Love for the inspiration.

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