Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fixing the Floor and New Ceiling

So, like most older house, we have a slight floor sag. Ours is because someone tried to make an attic bedroom and did not support the roof properly. So one of our most recent projects after a long hiatus was to jack up the floor. It took awhile as there was more weight on it than we thought. Had to get a new jack.

And for my "keeping it real" picture: here is how messy the room is while this project is going on. And don't you love the stack of wood to get the jack close enough to the beam?

Put other big project has been replacing the ceiling and insulation in the second bedroom. The before:

As you can see, it is the old tiles. There was also only R-19 insulation in the roof and it was just thrown up there. We replaced it with R-30.

The during:

The after: My dad was even awesome enough to put in the wiring for a ceiling light. We can hook it up when we replace to drywall on the walls.

Obviously not done. We aren't mudding until we get the walls done. Then we will probably paint everything before we do the floors. Just seems to make more sense.

We have decided to go room by room instead of doing all the drywall, all the floors, etc.

The other big exciting news, at least for me, is that we are finally getting propane installed on Thursday. So excited to have my dryer back and for my electric bill to go down a little bit.

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