Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catch All Room Turned Guest Bedroom/Office

This week I have had an interesting project to tackle. We got a "new mattress" and boxspring as well as the bed itself when Matt's grandmother's house was being sold. She is in an assisted living center now and had no use for a house full of furniture. So we took the newer mattress to replace our 30+ year old one. But that left the issue of where would be put up a guest bed. Since we are going to be renovating the bedroom downstairs, that was out of the question. The 2nd bedroom (which is upstairs and shares a wall with our bedroom) is currently and office/catch-all and will eventually be a nursery when we have children. So I decided to rearrange that room almost completely. So here is what I have done so far (pictures to come):

-Slide the desk down and move the bookcase from the opposite wall to next to the desk.
-Put a lot of items in the closet as Matt only uses half of it.
-Get rid of the plastic drawers that I used in high school and college.
-Use file boxes and baskets from the stationary department at Wal-Mart to replace the drawers for storage.
-Re-purpose some of the drawers for "Auntie house toys" that I put in the closet for my nephews and the rest in my closet for out of season clothes.
-Set up the bed.
Matt is currently working on taking two short bookcases and making them into one. When he is done I will be painting them white so it all matches. This will get rid of my el cheapo broken one that isn't big enough. That will then go back to near the foot of the bed to open up some floor space.

I have a few decorative items but that will come when more things are done.

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