Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cheap Chic: Kitchen Soap Dispensers

As predicted, we haven't gotten much done home related the last couple weeks. Although this weekend marked the start of time for major renovations. We have had a house guest the past 2 months. My husband's best friend was living in our basement after he moved back to Maine while he looked for work and an apartment. Today, he moved out. The room he has been living in is getting split in half. We live in a split level ranch. The basement bedroom used to be a garage. We are putting a wall down the middle (short way, not long), replacing the window with a door, and making a mud room. The back half will eventually be a utility room. Where the furnace is now will be moved to that room. And the current furnace room will be the bedroom. We are basically flip flopping the basement.

But anyway, enough with the confusing floor plans. The one thing I was able to do this weekend was replace my normal Bath and Body Works plastic soap dispenser and the typical bottle that dish soap comes in with metal looking dispensers. Here is what my kitchen sink now looks like.

This are just basic $10 dispensers I found at Wal-Mart in the bath section. I had to make the labels as my husband was getting confused (even though they were still in the same order. Love you, Hunny :P) To make the labels, I just used the clear Avery labels that come 30 to a sheet. I used a font I like and made it as big as I thought would work without being huge. I printed them off then coated the ink with a layer of clear nail polish. This was to keep the ink from running if it got wet. I then just cut the label so it was only the section with print. Easy-peesey. Here is a close up.

I'm still not a huge fan of the way the label looks but it will work for now.

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